It’s time for changes for Dragonblight! We’ve increased the XP-Rates: The new rates for Horde players are 1-68 x3 68-80 x2 while Alliance players can enjoy x3 throughout their whole leveling adventures! You can also look forward to future honor/PvP events organized by our two freshly promoted and awesome Head-GMs Megaera and Pentex!

Crossfaction BG and x2 Honor Boost 2019-07-25 18:00

Crossfaction BGs on Friday (july 26th). As soon as crossfaction battlegrounds are enabled, all players will receive a x2 Honor Boost for one week until August 8th (0:00 UTC).

Double XP 2019-06-24 15:53

The Xp Event will run from the 24th June to the 1st July.

Content Buffs 2019-05-17 00:00

Release Dates Season 5 will start on Saturday (2019-05-18) at 14:00 UTC. We will not reset your honor or arena points. All T7 Raids will be available on Saturday (2019-05-25) at 17:00 UTC. As you can see below, we decided to buff the bosses so that they get harder the deeper you go into a quarter. If we see that a boss is an absolute content blocker or some Achievements have still not been achieved after weeks, we will nerf the bosses in the future.