2019-08-23 23:44

The Dragonblight Team over the past few weeks has been talking, we’ve listened to Discord, to feedback in game, to our community. We know that we have made mistakes, but starting today we’re going to do our best to make it up to you. We hope that you will give us and the Dragonblight project another chance with Ulduar Let’s put the past behind us and start a better future together. It’s time for changes for Dragonblight! With today’s update we will not only announce some changes, but also give an insight into the future of the project. But one by one. Let’s get to the changes first:

XP Rates of Dragonblight

The XP rates have been one of the most frequently raised topics since the release of the server. The server was officially announced with the following rates: 1-20 x1 21-60 x2 60-80 x1 After this announcement many players came to us and asked us to change the rates. We listened to our community and gave double XP rates in the TBC area as well. We chose these numbers because we wanted players to be able to afford their mounts at level 20, and also to make sure everyone had the Wotlk leveling experience. In the last weeks there have been frequent calls for an increase in XP rates again. Now, of course, the pressure of the upcoming Classic Release was added. Therefore we have now decided to change the XP rates, after this xp-event the rates will be as follows, at least until Ulduar.

We’d like to remind you as well that Alliance receive free dual spec. We believe that these rates will make it easier for new players to start their journey on Dragonblight. The shop is still being worked on- and significant progress has been made. We have now found a way to make sure that our shop is secure and safe for all players. However, we have to completely rewrite it. This will take some time, but at least there is progress! As soon as the shop is finished, the promised x4 rates will be offered as well.

GM Events

We said we’d mention GM events later, but now it’s time to talk about the first two! Last Sunday we hosted our first event where we played hide and seek as well as organized a Horde Vs Alliance Free for all. The PvP winners got an Amani War Bear, and the hide and seek winners got a Murloc Suit and a Magic Rooster! We had way more participants than we expected, and everybody had a blast including us! In these events you’ll regularly get the chance to win things that you normally wouldn’t have access to- and everyone who participates will usually get something as well! There are more events coming up in the future!

Regular honor events

We want to give you regular x2 honor events in the future. Until the Ulduar release and the start of Season 6 there will be x2 honor every Saturday.

PvP Events

Every Sunday all 2vs2 signups will be announced by an Arena Announcer so that every player can see that a team queued. Every second weekend the whole thing is organized with 3v3. The top 3 teams with most Games played (We will check to see if anyone cheated.) will get a reward. The top 3 teams with most Wins get an even better prize! 1vs1 Event by GMS: There will be a 1vs1 tournament where you can prove that you are really the best player on the server. Our GMs will port you to a special area and monitor the whole thing. The winner will be the first to receive a unique mount isn’t available currently in game.

Cross Faction BG

Since almost 80% of you liked this feature, we’ve implemented Cross Faction Battlegrounds permanently now! Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll!

New Head GMs

Megaera and Pentex have both stepped up in recent weeks to help make a difference, we’ve decided to reward them with the title of head game master. They’re going to be leading the support team and also planning some events that will be fun, and also reward players with some fun prizes! Stay tuned for info on those events, we’ll give you updates as they get closer.

Development Update

We keep getting questions why we don’t instruct every developer to work on Ulduar. Through the last round of applicants we got many new Devs. Unfortunately not every one of them has the same level of knowledge. Please note that this is a volunteer job and not everyone is a professional developer. To show this better, here is a short list of our current active developers: Hmkey, Connex, Ghostfinn, Jixxie, Kommander, Pyrrhus, Serpaa, Topsun, Wildturtle6, Yrito. Not all of these devs have the experience to work directly on Ulduar, but everybody is doing their part to make the server better. You’ll get a proper update about Ulduar soon!