Crossfaction BG and x2 Honor Boost

2019-07-25 18:00

Dear Community,

Today we broke the heat record here in Germany with 41.5°C again. But that doesn’t stop us from continuing to be there for you and to bring the project forward. Two weeks ago we already gave you a little Q&A and promised that we will try to communicate more in the future and deliver faster updates.

On Wednesday we took the first step by fixing the bot that generates the changelogs. It is now possible for us to post changelogs regularly again, so you can keep track of what is being done besides the effort that goes into Ulduar.

Today we can announce another promised feature. Besides the XP event for the alliance, which starts today at 0:00 UTC, we will activate Crossfaction BGs tomorrow (July 26th 14:00 UTC). Please keep in mind that this is only a test phase which will last for 2 weeks. After this test phase we will start a poll to see if you want to keep this feature. The first survey, which took place before the release of the server, showed a clear result that the feature is desired. However, with the second survey we want to get more current opinions.

In addition to the XP event for the alliance, there will be another event to celebrate the Crossfaction BG test. As soon as crossfaction battlegrounds are enabled, all players will receive a x2 Honor Boost for one week until August 8th (0:00 UTC). This applies to Battlegrounds as well as to the open world.

We wish you a pleasant, hopefully not too hot weekend and a lot of fun with both events and the Crossfaction BG Test.

Your Dragonblight Team