Dragonblight Awaits!

Welcome to Dragonblight, a highly authentic international progressive-release WOTLK project, brought to you by the team responsible for Rising-Gods, a German-language realm that has been online since 2007!

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Buffed progressive PvE Content

Experience WOTLK PvE content all over again, but this time, it'll bring the fight to you. Check inside for details on just how our content tuning changes will look.

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Amazing PvP Features

On Dragonblight, we've made a few PvP-oriented Quality of Life changes to make your time here more enjoyable. Check this post for more details!

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Dragonblight Ruleset

Please observe our server rules. All players are required to accept them before playing on Dragonblight.

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Return to the Wrath of the Lich King adventure as you remember it!
In a cozy atmosphere you can enjoy the gaming experience, overcome challenges and exchange ideas with other players in one of the largest international communities.